Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch

Well, our meetings may have been cancelled but we are still doing our best to keep in touch.

The members facebook group is working well. This month we’ve been having a photo challenge. Each day there is a new word and we share photos of what that word means to us that day. For example, the word for today was ‘Green’, and these are some of the images posted.

A lot of our meetings involve some creativity so it’s nice to have a creative challenge.

Another regular meeting activity we’re missing during lockdown is our Thai Chi sessions with Sam. So, we had an idea, made some phone calls and organised our first ‘Zoom Thai Chi’ last week. It went very well and we think everyone who joined in enjoyed it. Seeing so many familiar faces was good, and to share an activity all together was really nice. It’s the closest we can get to a meeting for now, so we’ll definitely be doing it again.

Too good to stop and take a photo!

We had another idea too. Virtual afternoon tea. We think an online tea party could be fun. Obviously you’ll have to provide your own tea (and cake if you’ve got any) but once we’ve all put the kettle on, we can settle down to a catch-up over a cuppa.

We’re looking into what other zoom events we can arrange.

Meanwhile, we continue to be on hand for 1-to-1 support, by phone, zoom, skype and whatsapp and we have been helping with food parcels and medicine deliveries for those who can’t get out.

Life goes on and we find new ways to adapt. Keep it up – it can’t last forever and you’re doing great…