Year: 2020

A year of two halves

So here we are – it’s November again already and here at Survivors Together, that means it’s Annual Report time. As usual, we held our AGM on the first Wednesday of November. We didn’t have any fireworks this year as it was an online meeting (of course!), but we did have our very own concert […]

Keeping in touch

Well, our meetings may have been cancelled but we are still doing our best to keep in touch. The members facebook group is working well. This month we’ve been having a photo challenge. Each day there is a new word and we share photos of what that word means to us that day. For example, […]

Survivors Together Positive Thinking

Positive Thoughts

Now seems like a good time to check in with everyone and share some thoughts on how we might Think Positive while we #stayathome. Everyone is dealing with this Covid-19 situation in their own way. Some are lucky enough to have their own space and can do what they like, but may feel lonely. Others […]

Survivors Together young women

Young Survivors in East London

  This was written by Shahanaz who runs our First Tuesdays group, exclusively for young women. We hope to continue First Tuesdays or a similar group later in the year.   “Working with young women survivors in East London is both a valuable and challenging experience. Our meetings are called First Tuesdays because they are […]

Survivors Together anniversary

Celebrating 10 years (2018)

  This is our year (2018) For the Chinese, 2018 was the year of the dog but we are calling 2018 the year of the woman!  In 2018, it was 100 years since women won the right to vote. However, this new law didn’t include all women. In 1918, under the Representation of the People […]